10 Things You Should Know if Visiting Zihuatanejo for The First Time

Visit a new place is always very interesting, culture, food, history, or new friends are just some of the many things you will find  in Zihuatanejo.

  1. We uso to call as “zancas” to each other. zancas means as friend or brother and maybe you will hear this word many times from local people.

  2. Schedule your activities. You can visit zih.mx/events in order to know the upcoming events and festivals, so you will find information like how to pre-order tickets or get prior information.

  3. Power connections run at 110 volts at 60 Hz with flat outlet plugs. Before visiting Mexico check if you will need adapters for charging smartphones or cameras.

  4. The food could be spicy for you. The food is a whole experience but we recommend go little by little with the local food so you can be familiarized with the Mexican taste even if we say that is not spicy.

  5. Visit local markets. A big recommendation if you want to eat tacos! Also, you will find fresh local fruits and coffee at very good prices, markets are the soul of México. In Zihuatanejo, at the main beach every morning the fishermen sale directly the catch of the day.

  6. The weather. Well, even if you consult the forecast before travelling you would like to know that all the year Zihuatanejo is very warm, during summer the humidity goes up and some rain from June to September.

  7. The lodgings. There are lodgings for all style of travellers, you can choose big hotels in Ixtapa as a the main structured touristic zone that is just at 15 minutes by bus to Zihuatanejo but if you want to stay in a little hotel for a long stay could be better find hotel or rent a department in Zihuatanejo. Also, the most high level and romantic hotels are located in Zihuatanejo.

  8. Tap water is not drinkable. The water in the public registry can be potable, but the facilities of houses and buildings are not adequate to maintain their quality. Only tap water should be consumed in hotels that specify it, we recommend drink just bottled water.

  9. Public transport will always surprise you. Well, even for us sometimes public transport is an adventure, drives are very friendly and distances from Ixtapa to Zihuatanejo and also riviera dorada are not too far, so, traveling by bus is a good idea, by the way in the bus you could find snacks vendors or people singing.

  10. Zancas are very friendly. If you need information or anything else do not hesitate to ask to local people, we really love to help tourist to get the best experience while visiting us

If you already been here, What else would you add?

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