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Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo - Riviera Dorada

Having an almost mystical vibe and located in a pristine, privileged place, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo in the state of Guerrero is part of the Costa Grande region and is also one of the three cities named the "Triangle of the Sun" alongside Acapulco and Taxco de Alarcon. Given that Zihuatanejo was traditionally a quaint fishing village the charm of the twinkling lights of the neighborhoods in the surrounding hills possesses an authentic vision of a simpler time and place. Swimming in the bay after sundown offers one of the most charming views anywhere in the world.

The hills surrounding Zihuatanejo provide an almost amphitheatre-like view in which the viewer is transported to a fairy village full of magical possibilities. Strolling the gorgeous new promenade parallel to the sea, holiday revelers are afforded incredible vistas all along the pathway which leads from the Principal Beach all the way to the quieter and more serene Madera Beach where a slew of excellent outdoor restaurants will greet travelers and offer up exquisite seafood dishes and cold beverages to refresh and entice.

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Ixtapa, being the more developed of the two towns, offers many of the amenities that the quaint Zihuatanejo might not have. In Ixtapa, you're more likely to find European delicacies and higher-level gastronomic delights. Ixtapa is where you'll find world-class golf courses, an excellent marina, and too many incredible restaurants to name. Shopping in Ixtapa is also of a higher caliber than the more down-to-earth Zihuatanejo.  With shopping centers and tattoo shops alongside burgeoning excursions & bike tours, Ixtapa provides a more contemporary experience for those who aren't interested in "roughing it".

Ixtapa is where you'll find your pampering needs taken care of. So, considering the tiny distance between Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, there exists a little bit of everything inside of the Mexican vacation experience bundled up within the two towns' geographical proximity.  It's as if you can experience two entirely different vacations within a 10km radius, or, a very short and cheap taxi ride.

Local van transportation called "combis" also offer the journey for as little as 25 pesos or just over 1 US dollar. Within such a short range, travelers can experience the subtle nuance of a quaint, peaceful authentic Mexican town in Zihuatanejo, and they can also fulfill all of their pampered fantasies in the more developed tourist-driven town of Ixtapa with its all-inclusive packages and amazing restaurants and shopping possibilities. If you can only choose one travel destination in Mexico, nothing makes more sense than the two-for-one deal that you are offered by the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa twin-town experience.

No other destination in Mexico has so much authenticity and charm and art and entertainment in such a conveniently located arrangement. The Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa option is the ideal way to appreciate all the charms that Mexico has to offer without spending all of your time traveling rather than being. With many amazing archaeological sites in nearby villages, and an incredible pyramid not more than 40 minutes from town, there is literally every type of legitimate Mexican magic in the most beautiful of surroundings possible and the entire trip can take place within a radius of not more than an hour's drive. This is the most logical and magical choice you can make.

Consisting of the beach destinations all over the Costa Grande region in the Guerrero state. It is mostly a semi-virginarea with small hotels that are charming places with their own stlyle. Here we'll show you the perfect surf spots, resting places, adventure, nature, and the hidden spots to try something new and different at this incredible paradise.

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