Pet friendly beaches you can visit in Zihuatanejo & Riviera Dorada

Who said you can not travel to incredible places accompanied by your best friend?

We are going to share with you six amazing beaches where you can enjoy with your pet in Zihuatanejo and Riviera Dorada.

  1. Playa Larga. Our first option is Playa Larga Zihuatanejo because of its length; It is excellent to walk with your pet, without many people so you will not have to worry if your dog is a little nervous and there are many restaurants where you can spend the day lying in a hammock or you can simply walk on the sand. Playa Larga is located just 10 minutes from the center of Zihuatanejo.

  2. Playa Linda. This beach with good waves for surfers ends in a beautiful estuary, you will love walking here with your dog, there are many birds, palms, butterflies, that makes the scenery just wonderful. Playa Linda is located approximately 15 minutes from the center of Zihuatanejo, in the hotel zone #2 of Ixtapa.

  3. Playa Troncones. If you want to explore, visit Playa Troncones, it is located just at 30 minutes away from Zihuatanejo and it is a totally relaxing beach to walk with your dog, there are areas of calm waves and others to surf, a wide beach and many restaurants to spend the day. A lovely place Do not miss it!

  4. Barra de Potosí. In Petatlán, at just 25 minutes from the center of Zihuatanejo, there is a river that joins to the sea, this is a place of incredible natural beauty, full of birds, with plenty of sand for you to run and play with your dog while you wait for a meal cooked in firewood traditional way in any of the local restaurants. With or without a pet, our recommendation is that you do not leave without visiting this natural paradise.

  5. Zihuatanejo Main beach. The most transited beach in Zihuatanejo is also pet friendly, here you will see the fishermans every morning coming from the sea with fresh fishes to sale. This is a very small beach but good to walk from the pier to the "Paseo del Pescador" in front of Museo de la Costa Grande. A very calm beach where you will always find people who comes and go everywhere.

  6. La Saladita. This is one of the most charming beaches in Riviera Dorada, located at 25 minutes from Zihuatanejo is the surf paradise for local people and travellers, long waves you will see birds, turtles, dolphins, good restaurants, amazing atmosphere and there are some accommodation and surf camps in the area.

One recommendation is to take special care with your dog during the hours when the sun is most intense from 12.00 to 16.00, since the sand is too hot and its sensitive legs could burns, do not lose sight of your pets...  To enjoy! 

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