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One of the biggest's attractions in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is La Isla de Ixtapa, Ixtapa's Island is located in front of Playa Linda, calm water and some small waves, restaurants, snorkel, kayak and diving are some of the favorite activities for visitors and locals, you can carry your own gear or rent equipement in the place, but you'll discover 4usd is a good deal for a person round trip.

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Divided in Four Beaches

Coral Beach: Snorkeling here is fantastic, rhe sand is mostly crushed coral, surrounded by reefs full of sea life is an unforgetable experience.

Varadero Beach: This is the arrival spot, the last boat departure is at 5pm, the water is calm and the waves almost none, one last swim before get on board.

Cuachalalate Beach: The most popular beach, got it's name from the tree that grows in this area.

Laúd Beach: The Leatherback Sea Turtle lays eggs on this beach and in spanish this specie is called Tortuga Laúd.

Map of Ixtapa Island

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