Playa Linda Ixtapa

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A beautiful beach that got it's name because it's beuty. A bit longer than 1 kilometer; located in front of the Ixtapa Island, Playa Linda's pier is where you can take a boat to get to La Isla with regular departures till 5 PM, the beach has some stony areas open sea breeze and medium height waves, The Ixtapa river's mouth is located on this beach and we recommend to be careful on this zone specially in the rain season, but mostly of the year is a very calm beach of astounding beuty.

Playa Linda is very popular for the tourists and locals, the cycling course, crocodile reserve, Aztlan Park, shopping and camping or staying in the RV Trailer Park to enjoy a natural adventure in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

¿What to do and see?

Playa Linda has a Commercial area where shopping funny and cultural, full of handcrafts, swim clothes, souvenirs, food, ice cold coconuts and more, the Voladores de Papantla —Papantla Flyers— is a tradition you can see every weekend on this plaza, This ancient ritual is a popular belief related to fertility and harvesting, in 2009 was named Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, rather to get there early for better pictures.

The Crocodile Reserve of Playa Linda Ixtapa is the perfect place to admire this beautiful animals, turtles, iguanas and different bird species, natural inhabitants of the region to making it a very popular spot to learn about the enviroment with the family.

One of the Iconic Zancas of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is Tamakún 'Rey de los Cocodrilos' —Crocodile's King— who's huge effort and constancy preserved this area as a sanctuary. Eroberto Piza Rios with his singular style and love for the crocodiles used to go day by day to feed, play and take care of this protected specie.

Now his age and health  just allows him to go once in a while to check on his friends on their house. So good luck! maybe you can see him.

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