Five Unmissable Things You Can Do in Ixtapa

As you know, Ixtapa is the tourist zone of Zihuatanejo. The hotels, stores, restaurants, bars and night clubs is in a concentrated area. It may seem like a relatively small place however there are many things to see and do. That's why we are sharing with you what we consider five must-see things to do and in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.

Let's go!

1) Biking in Aztlán park. If you like to ride a bicycle it will surely be on your list; in Ixtapa there are different places where you can rent a regular bicycle, there are even tandem bikes, or bicycle carts, in short there are many options. But you should not miss the opportunity to walk the bike path either, it starts in the area of the Marina in Ixtapa and ends at the Playa Linda beach as you pass through the Parque Aztlán, this park is part of a nature reserve,  you can admire flowers, trees, birds and it is common to find crabs, turtles, squirrels, coatimundi and deer. We recommend going in the morning and when you get to the beach, you can cool off with a coconut and a swim.

2 Lookout Point. If you love to capture memories,  you have to stop at the Ixtapa lookout point situated on the highway above Ixtapa, from here you can get the best photos to share and admire the thick forest and the green and blue colors offered by El Palmar Beach in Ixtapa. The perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.

3) Visit Ixtapa Island. Four wonderful beaches await you on the Ixtapa Island; all excellent places for swimming but at theCoral beach you will love to snorkel, you can admire colorful fish and its coral sand, it will make you feel like you traveled to another world. Ixtapa Island is also perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beach. You will find plenty of restaurants to have some delicious tiritas (Zihuatanejo's traditional dish) or how about a seafood filled

4) Kayak at Playa Quieta or Playa Linda. If you are brave and you love doing new things, crossing in a kayak from Playa Quieta to a nice beach at Ixtapa Island could be an unforgettable adventure, just imagine traveling a little more than a kilometer over the sea, watching turtles and colorful fishes on board a kayak. On these beaches you will find  restaurants but you can also find spots to just hang out on the beach. Most of the restaurants offer snorkel equipment for rent, these usually have also equipment for snorkeling.

5) Visit golf courses. In Ixtapa, two golf courses were built; one in the Marina and another in front of Playa el Palmar; in both, landscapes are enjoyed between mangrove, lakes and forest in perfect harmony, each with 18 holes. It's ideal for Golf lovers. 

These are just some of the many things that you can see and do in Ixtapa during your visit, it all depends on the time you spend visiting this wonderful place. Enjoy and have fun.

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