Five places where to eat TACOS in Zihuatanejo

Are you a taco lover? And who doesn't! In Zihuatanejo we are going to take your craving to another level with these options to enjoy delicious tacos with a touch of the coast.

Because if we Mexicans know how to do something well, it's eat tacos. Within the taco universe of Zihuatanejo there are some that will be memorable, without a doubt some delicacies will be escaping us but here is our list:

1) La Flechita Roja

Right in the center of Zihuatanejo and since 1982, the red arrow is a family business recognized for being the only one open 24 hours a day. In La Flechita they offer delicious barbecue and pastor tacos accompanied by sauces, caramelized onions and the consommé that is highly recommended, here you will surely eat two orders because the tacos are small 1, 2 bites. It's over. Can I have another?

2) Entre Zankas

We went from the traditional to a really unusual taco offering; Entre zankas is a business that offers plant-based or “vegan” food but being very sincere and demanding, it does not ask anyone for anything. Here you will find juicy soy carnitas, corn flakes, mushroom shepherd, sesame chorizo, tofu cottage cheese and more. You will lack the stomach to choose between these delicious stews served in apenitas tortillas coming out of the comal. The sauces and salads to accompany it are something out of this world. Get addicted to vegetarian tacos by visiting Entre Zankas, you're going to come back!

3) Los Braseros

Another place with tradition and who holds the title of being the first place in Zihuatanejo to sell tacos al pastor is the Los Braseros restaurant; where, in addition to tacos al pastor, you will find juicy wires bathed with cheese and accompanied with corn or flour tortillas. But what we want to recommend eating here are their Baja style fish or shrimp tacos; that is to say, battered with a delicious layer of spiced tempura, served with a salad and delicious dressing. I warn you, it is not suitable for people "who are taking care of themselves", leave that for another day.

4) La Sirena Gorda

“Since 1985 revolutionizing the way of making seafood” this is how La Sirena Gorda de Zihuatanejo is presented and not for less. Here, a few steps from the Zihuatanejo pier, the tacos are unique, from a simple “little mermaid” with grilled fish to a fish chilorio or octopus tacos with shrimp and bacon; its variety of fish and seafood tacos will leave you wanting to return to try everything; In addition, they are accompanied with a baked habanero sauce that leaves you with that feeling of suffering but that somehow invites you to continue eating.

5) Ixtacos

Located in Ixtapa in the Plaza Flamboyant, Ixtacos has a variety of classic tacos, the kind that we all like, such as suadero, steak, tripe, chop, wires and stuffed potatoes. With moderate prices, excellent service and attention will be your option in Ixtapa for that ferocious craving of our beloved taquitos.

Where will you go first?

In Zihuatanejo we are sure that you will get a very good taste in your mouth.

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