Authentic Regional food in Zihuatanejo

Guerrero cuisine is wide, rich and worthy of being recognized. A variety of dishes arise from indigenous and Spanish roots that are still cooked in many places with firewood, by hand and with very fresh ingredients.

This is the case of these two places that we will mention below, artisan kitchens of great tradition and that we consider that you should add to your list to visit.

Restaurante Doña Celia.

Just 15 minutes from the center of Zihuatanejo you will find typical food from Guerrero such as the classic aporreadillo, goat broth, barbecue or fried beef accompanied by hand tortillas, delicious pot coffee and more options for breakfast, Restaurant Doña Celia has offered you since 1989 The magic that he achieves in each of his dishes arises from passion in the art of cooking.

Beware, Doña Celia opens only on Sundays from 8am and is located on Vicente Guerrero street in the town of El Coacoyul.

El Jardín de los Colibríes

Don Rodrigo Serna religiously prepares traditional dishes from very early in his gigantic wood oven that welcomes a small garden among hanging details and flower pots. You will taste delicious dishes with hand tortillas. At the beginning they serve you beans, cheese and pork rinds while you decide what to choose from the more than 10 dishes of his.

Barbecue, green or red mole, stuffed with pork, fried beef, pork, goat, are some of the dishes that are displayed at the entrance in large clay pots. The Garden of the Hummingbirds is open on Sundays and has take-out or lunch service on site. It is located on Francisco Villa street in front of the Coacoyul health center.

Restaurante Carmelitas

Doña Carmelita Ramírez is a renowned cook and how could she not be, if her dishes have been delighting everyone for more than 20 years. Carmelitas Café serves delicious traditional dishes such as the famous aporreadillo, Mexican zucchini, enjococadas, mole, pancita and more delicacies from Mexican cuisine as well as fresh fish prepared at the moment.

Carmelitas Restaurant is located in the Zihuatanejo downtown and offers service every day from 8am to 4pm, it is one of the places that every food lover has to visit.

Of course, in addition to these places that we mentioned, you should not forget to eat in the Zihuatanejo market as well as in the different palapas by the sea on the beaches of Zihuatanejo. If you are interested in learning more about the gastronomic wealth of Guerrero and at the same time promoting the traditional cuisine of Zihuatanejo, you cannot miss these places that, we are sure, will leave you wanting to return.

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