Paseo del pescador in Zihuatanejo Fisherman’s Walkway

Recently remodeled, the fisherman's walkway that starts from the Zihuatanejo pier to the limits of Playa La Madera is a delightful path that opens between the rocks and the sea to provide passersby with wonderful landscapes among palm trees, murals, cobblestones and sculptures to enjoy the breeze and feel the energy of the ocean. 

Take your picture in the Zihua letters that you will find in the pier and; From there, you continue walking to the municipal court where in the afternoons there is usually a popular festival, basketball players or events. Continue walking to the artist's square where the colorful murals by local artist Salvador Tinocco will catch your eye

Restaurants, the museum Museo de la Costa Grande and the beautiful sculptures are part of the experience; the panoramic views that you can contemplate from here are unmatched.

If you go in the morning you will have as an extra the view of the fishermen's market; Sea workers come and go with their load of fresh fish to deliver direct to customers eagerly arriving to buy the catch of the day.

In the afternoons and nights the lighting is wonderful, the stillness of the sea combines with the atmosphere to relax and pleasantly surprise the walkers.

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