The Submerged Christ in Zihuatanejo

Cristo Rey Zihuatanejo

Diving is a rewarding activity, many travelers enjoy discovering the beauties of the underwater world; That is why, on April 11, 2007, in Zihuatanejo, very close to Las Gatas beach, the bronze sculpture of a Christ the King was submerged eight meters deep to be presented as another attraction for visitors.

The elaboration of the bronze figure that weighs approximately one and a half tons, and has a height of 4 meters, was in charge of the sculptor from Guerrero Marco Antonio Rivero; Acapulco sculptor intern of the Bachelor of Visual Arts of the highest house of studies, UNAM.

The heart of the statue of Christ the King, contains a key, in whose figure they would be based to make replicas and these are given to distinguished characters who visit the beach binomial.

Cristo sumergido

In Zihuatanejo you will find specialized diving and snorkeling companies that can take you to know the area where the submerged Christ is; This can be seen from above, however it is advisable to dive to appreciate it to the fullest (carry a water camera).

Currently there are requests to move it to a freer place, the area of the solitary stone is mentioned; however so far it remains in the original location.

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We thank Joao Gouveia from Dive Zihua for the photographs

Cristo Rey sumergido en Zihuatanejo

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