Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Guerrero Gastronomy

Due the fishing is one of the principal activities in Zihuatanejo seafood is very important, this paradise is everyday provided by the local fishers with tuna fish, sail fish, mahi mahi, oysters, clam and other marine species are important part of the daily zanca diet and the freshness always has been a delicious experience for the visitors; We can't leave on the side the production of other kind of local food, drinks and more.

Tiritas fish stripes

You can't just come to Zihuatanejo without enjoy tiritas de pescado, sliced raw fish and red onion coocked with lime, salt and chile, the recipe sounds simple and people uses different kind of fish, chile and onion making tiritas a very traditional dish in Zihuatanejo, being the most popular meal even over the ceviche or other item in the daily menu.

Tiritas de Pescado


The Mezcal

Para todo mal, Mezcal, y para todo bien, también.

For every ill, Mezcal, and for every good as well.

This licquor is made from the heart of the Agave and is 100% natural, also considerated one of the purest licquors, the Mezcal prescence and influence has been part of the Mexican culture since prehispanic times. From the nahuatl word mexcalli which means “oven-coocked agave” has a tradition in the Sierra of Zihuatanejo, a exportation quality product in all it's presentations.  

Pozole Guerrero Style

We know the pozole as a very popular dish in Mexico, but Thursdays is a tradition in the state of Guerrero. This Jueves de Pozole in Guerrero is so popular that make some restaurants to change their menus for the different kinds of Pozole and the green is the local special.

The Green Pozole is elaborated with pumpkin seeds in a green sauce added to the traditional recipe, and we like enjoy it “with everything” that's why it's served with a lot of garnish like pork rind, chips, fried tacos, radish, cheese, avocado and more.

Pozole Verde de Guerrero


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