Museo del Coco Coconut Museum

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Whenever we travel to the coastal areas, it is typical to have a refreshing coconut on the beach but, beyond that, in Zihuatanejo there is a place dedicated to creating a culture about the knowledge of this fruit and its various derivatives.

In 2018, the Coco Museum was founded in the El Coacoyul community, Zihuatanejo. This place is located approximately ten minutes from the Zihuatanejo International Airport and is open to the public every day with no entrance fee.

The visit is very entertaining, in it you will learn about the types of coconut trees that grow in the region as well as all the products that it can be converted into. José María Espino will give you a tour of his artisan workshop where he makes sculptures, furniture and more items from palm wood or the coconut itself.

Covers Museo Del Coco

Enjoy a very cold coconut straight from the "container" while you learn how to cut a coconut and grate the ripe coconut that is used to make sweets or oil.

Inside the museum you will find works by local artists on display, including paintings and sculptures, as well as old items that were used to grow it. This activity is ideal for the whole family and lasts approximately 40 minutes. Support the museum by buying an item or products that are offered there. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about the coconut culture on the large coast of Guerrero.

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