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Five different places to eat pozole in Zihuatanejo

Pozole is a very traditional dish along Mexico but, it is more common to be served at the south. There are many ways to enjoy it and, in Guerrero it means a whole party. So, we have a special day of the week to enjoy it, we are talking about the famous "Jueves Pozolero" .

If you are a gastronomy lover we suggest you to try the pozole in at least one of these places that we list below so you can decide in which of them you have been falling in love, we are sure that all these options will make you happy.

1) Pozole El Profe. At just 9 km from Zihuatanejo  towards the airport which means about 10 minutes by car, is the community of “El Coacoyul”. In this place, there is a house with more than 20 years of history serving religiously every Thursday its traditional pozole with snack that includes pork rinds, cheese and toasted tortilla; Of course, mezcal to accompany it. Pozole is enjoyed in the courtyard of the house, in a simple place with no more pretensions than preserving the taste for this traditional dish.

2) Mine’s House. Located at 20 minutes from Zihuatanejo is the town of Buenavista, there we will find to Doña Mine who in a huge wood stove prepares pozole every Thursday. This place is often filled with tourists staying in Troncones Beach or the surrounding area who, enjoy this dish in the courtyard of the house with a very cold beer, between hanging plants in a very relaxed atmosphere. The pozole is made of chicken and accompanied with radishes, lettuce, toast tortilla and fried taquitos.

3) Any Restaurant. In Zihuatanejo’s downtown, at the Any restaurant you can enjoy a traditional pozole in it’s variety, chicken or pork any day of the week. Any restaurant is beautifully decorated with Mexican details, it is an experience the place and enjoy the live music that is presented daily. The pozole is served with a very complete snack that includes pork rinds, avocado, toast, fried taquitos, radishes, cheese and mezcal, of course. Anys Restaurant has more than 30 years of tradition and an extensive menu with breakfast and more traditional food; however, it is well known as the house of the pozole.

4) El Rincón Chilapeño. On the way to Ixtapa, located at the entrance to the colony of El Posquelite, there is a place that offers traditional pozole and snacks from Thursday to Sunday. “The Chilapeño corner” presents live music while a homemade pozole come to your table, with a simple and light preparation, either chicken or pork, green or white and prepared in a firewood. Choose which is your favorite versión, will be served with homemade toast, stuffed chili, fried taquitos, avocado or you can order a chilapeña snack. I’m hungry!

5) Vegano Entre Zankas. Finally, because we are inclusive, why not include a vegetarian version? ... Ceci Santos is a renowned vegan chef who prepares with mushrooms a delicious white or red pozole regularly every Thursday, she serves it with avocado, toast tortilla, radishes, onion, Lemon and tastes amazing like the traditional pork pozole; It is a good choice for people who, due to their health situation, do not eat animals or simply to try a different version with less fat, but will not miss its great taste, it is worth mentioning in this list. Vegan Entre Zancas is located right in Zihuatanejo downtown and is open daily for breakfast and lunch.

We hope you will visit these places and share your comments bellow, do you think your favorite place deserves to be on this list? We would love to know more about your experiences!

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