Vegan Restaurants in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.

More and more people are choosing a healthier and animal-free diet. The vegan and vegetarian culture has become popular and; Although it is still a controversial topic, there are several places to try plant-based food with considerable success by presenting their own versions of typical dishes from around the world.

That is why, below we will recommend three places that you can visit to; just eat something different, healthy and cruelty-free.

  1. Vegano Entre Zankas

    Cecy Santos, after changing her diet and realizing the benefits of vegan food, opened her small restaurant right in the center of Zihuatanejo with the aim of putting healthy food within reach of all pockets. Here they mainly offer tacos with tortillas made to the comal, smoothies with coconut milk and fruits, cakes, pasta and more cravings from a wide menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything served is made right here, avoiding the use of canned goods and artificial preservatives. Our recommendation is that you try the tacos, the mushroom pozole or the hamburger, all delicious!

  2. La Raíz de la Tierra

    In 2017, La Raíz de la Tierra opened in Ixtapa with a concept of coffee, music and art as well as a wide variety of dishes, juice therapy, matcha bar and a world of healthy drinks that you won't find anywhere else. The atmosphere at the root of the land is welcoming, there are books and board games to spend an afternoon with friends or family. Hanging chairs in the cocktail bar, yoga classes and musical events are part of the additional attractions that you can enjoy during your visit to La Raíz de la tierra.

  3. La Casita Ecovegana

    The first place that brought vegan food to Zihuatanejo. The eco-vegan cooperative began as a project to promote sustainable food through cooking workshops accessible to all people and later became "La Casita" a space where, in addition to these workshops that take place every month, it is offered Herbal breakfast and lunch each day. Ma. Luisa Quintero, a trophologist and specialist in vegan food, is the one who leads the monthly workshops and also offers personalized talks. If you want to try food and also learn about its benefits and even prepare it at home, visit Casita Ecovegana and live healthier.

Our actions don't have to be one-sided, you can still love carnitas tacos and also love plant-based cuisine; finally, food is to nourish and enjoy and is part of our culture.

Where will you go first??

In Zihuatanejo we are sure that you will get a very good taste in your mouth.

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