Four dishes you should to try in Zihuatanejo

Mexico is one of the most recognized countries by its gastronomic culture, so you will find in every Little town that in many celebrations the food is one of the most important things as the mole at traditional weddings or pozole in a funeral.

Following this way, in Zihuatanejo are tropical fruits, fish and seafood who dominate the gastronomic scene. So, let us to recommend you some dishes you will find on your upcoming Zihuatanejo’s trip.

  1. Fish Tiritas. This is the most recognized and famous dish that you will find everywhere, very ligth and simple but you will be surprised with its flavor, it is sliced fish cooked just with lemon, salt and habanero chili. The locals use to eat any day but is typically to find tiritas in informal meetings. Try it!
  2. Aporreadillo is a very traditional recipe of the towns of Costa Grande and around made in wood stove and served with beans, homemade tortillas and rice. Aporreadillo is prepared with dried meat, eggs and tomato sauce, is a very good option for lunch if you are really hungry. Delicious!
  3. Pozole. If you have been traveling by Mexico maybe you know pozole is seved in all the country but the “Green” kind is made just in Guerrero, it is a very big dish served with radishes, cheese, onion, avocado, tostadas, tacos, chalupas, and also tamales! Come on to try it with a shoot of mezcal.
    Pozole is one of the most ancient mexican recipes and in the past was made with human meat (a long time ago) now as an economic and satisfying food is usually served on massive celebrations or festivities. In Guerrero there is an almost religious tradition to eat pozole every Thursday so you will find many places to eat this day.

  1. Talla Fish. This fish usually red snapper or mahi mahi is grilled with a special sauce seved with handmade tortillas, a spectacular flavor that you will find along the pacific cost of Guerrero but in Zihuatanejo we recommend specially at Ixtapa Island or Barra de Potosí in its rustic restaurants close to the lagoon and beach.

And finally when is dessert time possibilities are endless coming from the typical coconut ice cream, coconut empanadas and sweet potato, fried bananas, sweet cocadas and tamarind pulps that are made in Juluchuca, a very close community in Petatlán.

With a remarkable abundance of exotic fruits, drinks, honey, coffee and more products made from local ingredients you can enjoy a true gastronomic tour on your next visit to Zihuatanejo, so, we invite you to forget the all-inclusive hotels and go out to meet the soul of our food.

We are sure that you will find in Zihuatanejo unexpected foodie experiences you will never forget.

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