Ecotianguis Sanka

Actividades Ecotianguis Sanka

In 2013 a group of restless people joined to create this project, wich stills growing, this people offers ecological, handcrafted, organic and local and regional products; every Saturday in the Plaza nearby the Vicente Guerrero School (behind the Museum) from 9AM till 2PM. Music, Workshops and more is the Ecotianguis Sanka

¿What's the pourpose of Ecotianguis Sanka?

Educate, promote the love for our customs, promote the local food production to prevent the overexploitation of our enviroment and the need to change to a ecological lifestyle.

Family and Social values are important for this comunity and the kids will find funny and learning activities. If you like the idea, you can join them to offer your products, shopping is a good option too.

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