Patio Mexica Cooking Class

Zihuatanejo has a rich variety in its cuisine and, if you want to discover it in a true local experience, Mónica will take you; more than a cooking class, for a food tour. You will discover the harmonious connection between land, sea, local products and how they are cooked every day on the coast of Guerrero.

Semillas de café

Everything starts very early at 8:00 am when we meet at Patio Mexica located in Colonia Madera and, after a brief explanation of what the class will be, we drink a fresh Jamaican water to stay hydrated during the tour.

Knowing the market. In the first place we leave for the market that is just a few blocks away, crossing the Kyoto Square, we arrive at the municipal market that covers an area of at least three blocks and is full of local products and exuberant fruits. There, we went to Café Caracol where we took a moment to taste the coffee that is produced in the region, the tamarind pulps and; by the way, did you know how many things are produced from coconut? here we discovered it and we also tried flavored mezcals.

Mercado campesino

The Mercado Campesino (peasant market). Within the area there is a special place; The peasant market, as its name indicates, is a group of locals that offer the products that they themselves grow, so it is common to find seasonal fruit, corn, leaves, fresh cheeses (which we also try), poultry and fish. . We also passed by a dry chili shop where we received an interesting explanation of the process of some spices and chilies that are common in Mexican cuisine.

The whole tour is extremely interesting, even being Mexican there is much we can learn and enjoy getting to know the market from the hand of local people. At the end of the tour, we passed by a classic barbecue taco stand where we were given a taste of this delicious traditional dish.

Let's cook. We returned to Patio Mexica to begin class; This time, Monica will teach us how to prepare the famous Zihuatanejo fish strips, a ceviche and shepherd fish tacos. The class is very entertaining and interactive, we had the opportunity to cut the fish for the preparation of the strips and the ceviche. All the staff that support Monica are very friendly and participatory.

Eating, the best part. Delicious fish tacos accompanied with salsa, ceviche with a lot of avocado, toast with fish strips, everything was delicious, we enjoyed fresh food in a very open and friendly environment, it is practically the patio of the house. Taking a cooking class at Patio Mexica is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Mexican culture, to get to know further by trying local food and in my opinion, the best part is venturing into the market since it is a place where you cannot always have a guide or know in depth on your own.

Ceviche y tiritas de pescado

At the end you receive the recipe book of what was prepared during class so that you can put it into practice at home and surprise everyone. I highly recommend this activity, which is quite culturally enriching.

Clase de cocina

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